Crocin Tablet

What is Crocin Tablet: Basic Information

Crocin Tablet is famous for providing temporary relief from problems such as mild to moderate pain and fever. It is Analgesic pain reliever and is used in order to treat mild to moderate pain such as menstrual cramps, muscle pain, headache, toothache, arthritis, body aches, ear pain, and with that, it also provides relief from the fever. The specialty of Crocin Tablet is that it provides immediate relief. This happens because there is a technology

called O ptizorb Technology which is used in the tablet. The technology

helps to provide immediate relief and works rapidly. Moreover, you will find various kinds of Crocin tablets around the markets. The manufacturer or this tablet is Glaxo Pharmaceutical Company.

The composition of the tablet includes Paracetamol 500mg, working as antipyretic and analgesic. The tablet can be used with the food and without the food, but it is advisable to follow the recommendation of your doctor.

Moreover, having a tablet with alcohol would have severe consequences and can cause liver damage, therefore avoid doing it. In case it happens, contact your doctor immediately and seek medical attention.

What are the uses of the Crocin Tablet:

The uses of Crocin tablets are various and can help to treat fever and pain. Following are the conditions which can be cured by the tablet:

  • Help cure toothache
  • Help cure body ache
  • Help cure headache
  • Help cure menstrual Cramps
  • Help cure muscle pain
  • Help Cure Arthritis and joint pain
  • Help cure pain which occurs after the operation
  • Helps cure pain and fever which happen after taking a vaccine

These are the main benefits and the uses of Crocin Tablet. Any symptom related to the fever and the pain may be cured by the Tablet, in case of a prolonged condition, you must contact your doctor and get medical help as soon as possible.

What should be the adequate dosage of Crocin Tablet:

The dosage of the Crocin Tablet is decided by your concerned doctor and should be followed strictly. As the doctor prescribes a dose for you, it should only be taken as per the required amount. Missing dose or overdosing may have ineffective outcomes. It is also better to have the dose right after food consumption. It is expected that the medicine will start working within 10 minutes and will keep on providing relief for around 5 hours.

What to do in case of missing a dose?

Usually, the tablet is taken on the time when it is needed the most, however, if your doctor has prescribed a dosing schedule for you then you must act upon it promptly. In case you miss a dose, you must immediately have it and do not delay much. But, if you get to know that the next dose is just right around the corner, in that case, you must skip the previous missed dose. Overlapping the dose might be harmful to you.

What to do in case of overdose?

Again there is no need to worry much about it, but be cautious not to overdose as it might have serious consequences to your health and body. If you think that you have overdosed and now you are feeling uncomfortable and having trouble, seek immediate medical attention before the condition aggravates and contact your doctor as soon as possible. Still, avoid making such mistakes as they are really harmful to your body and health.

What are the side effects of consuming Crocin Tablet:

As all the medicines in the world possess certain side effects with them, similar is the case with the Crocin Tablet. Even though it is widely used by everyone, it might contain a few side effects. Following are the side effects of having Crocine Tablet:

  • It can cause Vomiting and Nausea
  • It can cause mild to moderate fever
  • It can cause skin allergies
  • It can cause liver damage
  • It can cause Anemia
  • It can cause problems associated with breathing
  • It can cause fatigue
  • It can cause Mouth ulcer or the Gastric ulcer
  • It can cause unusual bleeding and bruises

These side effects do happen and most of them are common to occur. However, more rare ones are the mouth ulcer and the Anemia. In any case, if you experience the side effects, consult your doctor on an immediate

basis and seek a health emergency without any further delay. Do not let the mentioned conditions get aggravated or deteriorate. Also, a person can experience blurred vision as a side effect. As most people use this medicine to get relief from the pain of muscles, menstrual cramps, and to reduce fever, they may most probably not experience any of the side effects but again they have to be careful and attentive.

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How does Crocin Tablet Work:

The Crocin tablet works to provide relief from moderate to mild pain and to reduce the fever. The Paracetamol acts as both antipyretic and analgesic. The former is used in order to get relief and reduce the fever with rapid action and quickly. The latter does the task to provide instant relief from the pain. The factor which plays an important role here is quick absorption.

This becomes possible due to the Optizorb technology used in medicine. The technology aids in quick dissolution which in turn facilitates faster absorption. The faster the absorption, the more rapid would be the action.

Important things to keep in mind when using Crocin Tablet:

  • Please get the recommendation of a doctor or physician before you use this medicine. It may help you from getting into problems which may become serious.
  • It is not recommended to take the medicine with alcohol, as it could have serious consequences such as liver damage.
  • Get information on medicines that are severely interactive and moderate interactive. It will help you a lot.
  • Store the medicine in a cool and dry place trying to keep it away from the sunlight.
  • Keep the medicine away from the reach of children as it may adversely react to them.
  • Patients having other diseases must get a doctor’s prescription before using the tablet.