Dolo 650 Tablet

What is Dolo 650 Tablet: Basic Information

Dolo 650 medicine is a pain-relieving and fever-reducing tablet. The tablet is manufactured by Micro Labs Ltd India. In order to treat the short-term and temporary pain and moderate or mild fever caused by various conditions such as headache, backache, muscle pain, toothache, common cold, and arthritis, Dolo 650 tablets are used. Usually, the tablet does not require any prescription and is sold all over the country’s medicine shops as it is one of the safest options if anyone wants to treat fever and pain.

However, if the patient has liver disease, he must use the tablet cautiously and with a doctor’s prescription, or else there can be adverse reactions to it. In any case, consume the medicine with a prescription, that way you will be on the safe side.

What are the uses of the Dolo 650 Tablet:

Dolo 650 Tablet is basically a pain killer and to help get relief from moderate or mild pain and fever, this tablet can be consumed. To cure the following conditions the tablet can be fruitful :

  • To cure the fever: If you have a permanent fever and it has been happening for a long time, then this medicine would not benefit but to cure temporary relief of the fever, it is useful.
  • To cure muscle pain: Pain from arthritis and moderate muscle pain can be cured by the Dolo 650 Tablet.
  • To cure Menstrual Cramps: The pain associated with the menstrual cramps could be relieved by the help of this tablet.
  • To cure the headache: Migraine and acute headache can be treated with the help of Dolo 650 medicine.
  • To cure Post Immunization Pyrexia: After the vaccine, certain people experience pain and the fever. The prescription of Dolo 650 tablets in such cases is done.
  • To cure Arthritis: To cure the moderate to mild pain associated with arthritis or joints, the tablet can be used in the process of relieving the pain.

In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, the tablet can be used to cure the pain in the ear, dental pain or toothache, and also the flu can be treated. If the person experiences more pain for any other reasons, excluding the mentioned ones, the doctor can then as well prescribe the Dolo 650 Tablet to cure such conditions.

What should be the adequate dose of Dolo 650 Tablet:

The dose of Dolo 650 Tablet depends upon the age and body weight. Normally, the dose of the medicine can be taken without a prescription, and if the patient thinks that he is having a need to have the medicine he can have.

What if the patient misses a dose?

Usually, a missed dose would not hurt much and there will not be any side effect to it. As soon as the patient remembers that he has missed a dose, he must have it, without any problem, and if the time for the next dose is just around the corner, you may skip the missed dose. Therefore, keep in

mind that you need to have at least a gap of around 6 to 8 hours until you go for another dose. If you are an adult you may have a maximum of 3mgs in a single day, not more than that.

What if the patient overdoses?

There is no need to worry about it much and also do not panic. However, if you see and experience the following side effects you must seek an immediate medical emergency and contact a doctor without any delay. The following can happen if you overdose:

  • Loss of appetite and stomach pain
  • Dark color urine
  • Yellowing of skin and eyes
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Severe abdominal pain

If you want to calculate the dosage for adults and the children, you can follow this method. Normally the physicians calculate the dose by weight and the age of the patient. For adults, the recommended is 500mg to 1000mg and for the children, it is 15mg of Paracetamol per kg of child’s weight. You can contact and the recommendations of a doctor when deciding upon the dosage of an infant.

What are the side effects related to the use of Dolo 650 Tablet:

There are side effects of consuming Dolo 650 Tablet as there are other medicines, but they are usually very rare and do not happen to the majority. People do not get discomfort by consuming the tablet. If it happened, the

side effects are usually mild to moderate. Following are the side effects associated with the consumption of Dolo 650 Tablet:

  • It can cause Fatigue
  • It can cause Nausea
  • It can cause allergic reactions to the skin
  • It can cause Anemia
  • It can cause mouth ulcer
  • It can cause gastric problems
  • It can cause kidney and liver damage
  • It can cause vomiting
  • It can cause difficulty while breathing
  • It can cause unusual bleeding and bruise

In case the patient experiences such reactions and conditions getting much severe, he\she must immediately seek a medical emergency and contact his\her doctor without any delay. However, these conditions do not happen usually and are rare to occur but still, you need to be careful, and in any case of the trouble of problem visit the nearest hospital to get yourself treated.

How does the Dolo 650 Tablet work:

The tablet is a pain reliever and fever reducer medicine which can also be

called A nalgesic and Antipyretic respectively. The tablet works in the

process, such as it first stops the production and the formation of the chemical messengers which are called Prostaglandins. These function by carrying pain signals and causing the fever. The tablet stops them. It also increases the ability of the body to handle the pain with the help of an increased threshold for pain. Moreover, it increases the sweating and heat loss from the body, and simultaneously the blood flow to the skin as well.

The medicine works after 1 hour of its intake, with lasting reactions of around 4 to 6 hours. The Dolo 650 can also be used as an injection, but by an experienced health care provider.

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